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New knowledge about salting of meat and fish
Health foods seen as unnatural
Hungry for fullness and artificial sugar
The Campylobacter Culprit
SysDiet - healthy Nordic meals
Salting is a big deal
Changes views on food safety
Italians demanding Norwegian lamb
Old taste buds do not rust


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New knowledge about salting of meat and fish

Health foods seen as unnatural

The Norwegian and international food industry is interested in the effects of sodium chloride (salt) on food quality and human health. It is of particular importance to know the salting processes well when reducing the salt content of the products. Read more The food producers are doing everything they can to tell consumers about the health benefits of their products. But do they really know how the consumers perceive their information? Øydis Ueland does. Read more

Matforsk’s task is to assist, understand and solve the various needs of food production throughout the value chain. Our research and services focus on the following areas: Effective production – Food, health and consumer – Safe and durable food.

Research at Matforsk

Matforsk’s researchers undertake research and development on tomorrows food. Find out more about our research, meet our expert teams or search for specific publications.

Customers services

Do you plan to develop new products or improve a product or a production process? Or do you need expertise on safe and durable foods? Matforsk offers a series of services to the food industry.

Matforsk has become Nofima Food From 2008 Matforsk is a part of Nofima – Norwegian Food, Fisheries and Aquaculture Research – a new industry-oriented research group consisting of all activities at the former Matforsk, Norconserv, Fiskeriforskning and Akvaforsk.

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